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Welcome to the Devotion of Neith



I hesitate to use the word "cult," given the current understanding of that word, BUT persons interested in the significant meaning of Neith Boyce's first name are welcome to comment here. The chthonic goddess Neith was worshipped at a main temple at Sais [the "i" should have an umlaut] in Egypt. Or so I'm told in various written sources. Neith was a powerful entity, with the lower 2/3 of her body being male and upper 1/3 female. So she had it all! As the patron of weavers, she could move the thread of time and change history. All of this is related with my tongue firmly in my cheek, however. This is myth or legend, which doesn't diminish the power of her lineage. Mary Boyce, Neith's mother, was a scholar of the ancient world and chose this name for her first daughter with great care.

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